On July 15th, the members of Frank J Lewis Assembly 0159 responded to a callout from Sir Knight Kevin Greeno to help lay decks at Pinellas Hope. The decks gave a safe landing of pedestrian traffic between a collection of four cottages. The cottages have served the homeless by getting them out of tents and into a liveable facility. When I arrived, I helped Bill Condon with the wooden planks as he cut them to a specific length. Our newly elected Faithful Navigator Wayne Ries and Fr. Kevin Mackin of St. Raphaels were assisting Kevin Greeno with the manpower to get the job done. Color Corp Commander John Shevenell was supervising a power saw. Jose Carrera was from Holy Cross Assembly. Bob Bielicki and Mike Kelser brought their sons and grandsons to help with the labor. We laid the planks in a “staging” area before permanently fastening them. Kevin indicated there was supposed to be 26 more Hope Cottages by the end of 2017.


Thank you,
Vivat Jesus!
Sean Denny

KofC Council 2105 Financial Secretary
KofC Assembly 0159 Scribe
KofC State Curator